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MSP planning

Upcoming deadlines

Version Scope PI Input Deadline Review Deadline Release Date
37.0 Template for April 2017 to Nov 2017 12 Jan 2017
36.2 Plan PP865 to 873 (orbits 2612 - 2645, 11 Feb to 29 Apr) 21 Nov 2016 30 Nov 2016 02 Dec 2016
36.1 Plan PP855 to 864 (orbits 2581 - 2611, 03 Dec to 11 Feb) 12 Sep 2016 21 Sep 2016 23 Sep 2016
36.0 Template for Nov 2016 to April 2017 10 Aug 2016
35.3 Plan PP847 to 854 (orbits 2556 - 2580, 08 Oct to 03 Dec) 19 Jul 2016 29 Jul 2016 03 Aug 2016
35.2 Plan PP839 to 846 (orbits 2528 - 2555, 05 Aug to 08 Oct) 17 May 2016 24 May 2016 27 May 2016
35.1 Plan PP830 to 838 (orbits 2500 - 2527, 03 Jun to 05 Aug) 22 Mar 2016 30 Mar 2016 01 Apr 2016
35.0 Template for May 2016 to Nov 2016 05 Feb 2016
34.3 Plan PP822 to 829 (orbits 2475 - 2499, 08 Apr to 03 Jun) 15 Jan 2016 27 Jan 2016 29 Jan 2016
34.2 Plan PP815 to 821 (orbits 2445 - 2474, 31 Jan to 08 Apr) 26 Oct 2015 05 Nov 2015 06 Nov 2015
34.1 Plan PP807 to 814 (orbits 2420 - 2444, 05 Dec to 31 Jan) 07 Sep 2015 17 Sep 2015 18 Sep 2015
34.0 Template for Nov 2015 to May 2016 30 Jul 2015
33.3 Plan PP799 to 806 (orbits 2395 - 2419, 10 Oct to 05 Dec) 06 Jul 2015 14 Jul 2015 17 Jul 2015
33.2 Plan PP790 to 798 (orbits 2364 - 2394, 01 Aug to 10 Oct) 27 Apr 2015 06 May 2015 08 May 2015
33.1 Plan PP781 to 789 (orbits 2336 - 2363, 29 May to 01 Aug) 16 Feb 2015 24 Feb 2015 27 Feb 2015
33.0 Template for Jun 2015 to Nov 2015 30 Jan 2015
32.3 Plan PP769 to 780 (orbits 2299 - 2335, 07 Mar to 29 May) 15 Dec 2014 7 Jan 2015 12 Jan 2015
32.2 Plan PP764 to 768 (orbits 2284 - 2298, 01 Feb to 07 Mar) *NEW* 25 Oct 2014 *NEW* 05 Nov 2014 07 Nov 2014
32.1 Plan PP755 to 763 (orbits 2256 - 2283, 29 Nov to 01 Feb) 20 Aug 2014 *NEW* 02 Sep 2014 *NEW* 05 Sep 2014
32.0 Template for Dec 2014 to May 2015 14 Aug 2014
31.2 Plan PP740 to 754 (orbits 2205 - 2255, 08 Aug to 29 Nov) 12 Jun 2014 23 Jun 2014 26 Jun 2014
31.1 Plan PP730 to 739 (orbits 2175 - 2205, 30 May to 08 Aug) 08 Apr 2014 15 Apr 2014 24 Apr 2014
31.0 Template for May 2014 to Nov 2014 21 Mar 2014
30.4 Plan PP723 to 729 (orbits 2154 - 2174, 13 Apr to 30 May) 09 Jan 2014 16 Jan 2014 23 Jan 2014
30.3 Plan PP717 to 722 (orbits 2135 - 2153, 01 Mar to 13 Apr) 09 Jan 2014 16 Jan 2014 23 Jan 2014
30.2 Plan PP708 to 716 (orbits 2107 - 2134, 27 Dec to 01 Mar) 14 Nov 2013 19 Nov 2013 21 Nov 2013
30.1 Plan PP701 to 707 (orbits 2085 - 2106, 08 Nov to 27 Dec) 26 Sep 2013 03 Oct 2013
30.0 Template for Nov 2013 to May 2014

MSP 36

MSP 36.0: The Bryant plot for the template, covering December 2016 to April 2017, is on JSOCweb Two segments have been defined for this MSP.

There is a season of 'Short Eclipses' (short duration) from mid-February to early March when all the instruments will be switched off. Two extended Planning Periods have been defined PP865 and PP866, each with 6 orbits. MSP36 ends at the end of April because there may be manoeuvres in May, and these will not be defined until the SOWG (in November) has decided the constellation needed for the next science priority (the dance goes on). Magnetopause crossings will be accessible throughout MSP36, and Bow Shock crossings are available from orbit 2594. There are moon eclipses on 29 Nov 2016 (C1, C3, C4) and 28 January 2017 (C1, C2), and a moon eclipse on C2 on 30 Dec 2016.

MSP 35

MSP 35.0: The Bryant plot for the template, covering June 2016 to November 2016, is on JSOCweb

There is a season of 'Long Eclipses' in late August when the instruments will be switched off, and two extended Planning Periods have been defined: PP841 and PP842 cover 5 orbits each. There will be neutral sheet opportunities and some Magnetopause crossings at the start and end of the period, but no Bow Shock crossings.



This covers June and July 2016, and the GI Foullon requests are executed during this period, around the magnetopause boundary events. Since these involve 5h BM1 periods, there will be no BM3 periods in those orbits. The priority elsewhere is the Plasma Sheet crossings. 10 May: The plots have been regenerated after the new orbit files were included, since the C1 perigee time changes significantly during June and July (new Bryant plots are attached). 17 May: The D0 period in orbit 2503 has been moved 1-hour further away from the apogee BM3 (new D0 list attached to MSP35.1 page).



This covers August and September 2016, and includes the 'Long Eclipse' OFF period. All four SC are switched off from 24/08/2016 22:09 to 02/09/2016 02:00, and C1, C3, C4 are switched off from 22/08/2016 19:24. The priority remains the Plasma Sheet and Neutral Sheet crossings. There are several BM2 sessions included, the AKR are on C2 and C4 so do not appear on the Bryant plots attached to the MSP35.2 page (they are listed in an attachment on the MSP35.2 page). In August the data volume is increased to 120%, after the eclipse season.



This covers October and November 2016. The Plasma Sheet and Neutral Sheet are still available, and towards the end of November from orbit 2576 onwards there are Magnetopause crossings. There is a moon eclipse affecting the C1, C3, C4 satellites on 29 November, from 05:50 to 06:39 (see JSOC webpage for off periods). Burst mode periods have been added for the Northern Cusp. The Bryant plots are attached to the segment wiki page and to the JSOC webpage. The data volume has been increased to 120%.

MSP 34

MSP 34.0: The Bryant plot for the template, covering December 2015 to May 2016, is on JSOCweb

There will be several Guest Investigator proposals executed during this time. There is a season of 'Short Eclipses' in February and March. ESOC has proposed that the instruments be switched off for the whole period, apart from EFW and FGM. There are two extended Planning Periods defined, to cover the OFF period: PP816 covers 8 orbits and PP817 covers 7 orbits. There will be manoeuvres throughout this MSP.



This covers December 2015 and January 2016, and there are manoeuvres for C3 during this period. The GI Bogdanova proposal reserves NM1 during perigee in 2423/4 and 2427/8 in December, and the GI Khotyaintsev proposal will be executed in January (using single SC BM1 sessions), when C3 and C4 are around 3.4km apart at the Bow Shock. The magnetopause is accessible throughout MSP34.1, and the Bow Shock becomes accessible in January.

1 Dec: The timing of the C2 BM1 requests on 5 Jan and 7-8 Jan have been updated, and the D0 periods on 29-31 Jan have been adjusted (new attachments on MSP segment page).



This covers February and March 2016, and includes the 'Short Eclipse' season. The payload will be off from 07:05 on 13/02/2016 to 21:30 on 05/03/2016. The GI Kadjic proposal will be executed during this MSP segment, and the GI Blanco-Cano long NM1 proposal.

UPDATE (6 Jan): The BM2 in orbit 2448 has been deleted, and a 2h BM2 period added to orbit 2447. D0 Periods have been adjusted. There is a Moon eclipse on 8 Feb (see website for timings).

UPDATE 2 (21 Jan): The BM1s at the inbound magnetopause have been removed, and some BM1/BM2 for the magnetic equator put and DOZC put in. NM3 and BM1 have been put in for C1 during the Blanco-Cano periods.



This covers April and May 2016, and includes the end of the Bow Shock crossing times. The satellites are manoeuvring further apart from each other in preparation for the GI Foullon sessions.

MSP 33

MSP 33.0: The Bryant plot for the template is on JSOCweb

There is the eclipse season in August, and the four Cluster satellites will be switched off for several orbits. This will affect PP792 and PP793, which have 5 orbits in each PP. There are manoeuvres in October and December.



This cover June and July, with manoeuvres during this period. It stops before the eclipse season. There will be a minimum of no-data-taking periods in June allowing the GI Dunlop proposal to get as much data as possible in NM1. In July there are several 3h BM1 sessions for the Neutral Sheet and some BM2 for the AKR.



This covers August, September, and the start of October. The Neutral Sheet is still accessible. The long eclipse OFF period occurs, with all satellites being off from 22 August to 30 August (and C1, C3, C4 off from 20 August). There is also a Moon eclipse on 13 September. In August there are some AKR (BM2), and later there are a few Inner Magnetosphere BM1 (one hour duration). There is a manoeuvre on C1 on 15 September, and on C2 on 1 October.



This covers October and November, and the first few days of December. The neutral sheet and plasma sheets are accessible, and the magnetopause becomes available towards the end of November. There is a moon eclipse on 12 November affecting all SC. The GI Bogdanova proposal will be executed during this MSP segment. There are manoeuvres on all four SC on 12 October (see JSOC MSP web page for timing), on C3 in November and in December.

14 September: The last few orbits have had BM1 removed due to lack of Ground Station visibility.

23 October: Orbit 2416 has the 3-hour BM1 session at the inbound Magnetopause restored. (Updated Bryant plot available on the segment web page)

MSP 32

MSP 32.0: The Bryant plot for the template is on JSOCweb

The release of MSP32 has been delayed due to the rework of MSP31.2. There are manoeuvres in December and January, and they will be included in MSP32.1. The proposed dates are: 29 Dec, 7 Jan, 15 Jan, 16 Jan, 23 Jan. MSP32.2 will contain the short eclipse period from 7 Feb 2015 to 7 Mar 2015. The are also Moon eclipses on 22 Dec (all SC), 20 Jan (C2), 18 Feb (C1, C3, C4), and 19 April (all SC). Philippe proposed BM1 sessions at the SOWG, these are on 6 Dec, 15 Dec, 22 Dec, 24 Dec, 31 Dec, 02 Jan.

The period of MSP32.3 has been extended, starting with PP769 (originally PP771) and so the deadline for PI input has been moved earlier.



This covers the period 29 November to 1 February. It includes manoeuvres, but stops before the eclipse season.

There have been some changes to MSP32.1, mainly due to WBD being able to use DSN and PV: Orbit 2271 04/01/15 BM2 runs from 0700-0947, Orbit 2277 17/01/15 BM1 replaced with NM1 and D0 deleted, for WBD DSN/PV, Orbit 2282 BS BM2 changed to BM1, Orbit 2283 30/01/15 PEACE cal inserted, D0 on 31/01/15 extended to 0100-1400

'UPDATE' D0 period on 28 Jan 2015 moved from 1200-2100 to 1300-2200 to allow WBD session.



This covers the period 1 February to 7 March. It covers the short eclipse season in February (eclipse times are on the website), and stops before the manoeuvres start in March. There are two manoeuvres on C3 in February (on 10 Feb and 16 Feb), and they take place during the eclipse OFF period. The GI Alexandrova requests will be executed during this segment. There has been a small delay in the deadlines. The PL OFF periods for the eclipses have been extended in most cases to include time for the no-data-taking period required to balance data fill limitations (90% during the eclipse season) - see the segment webpage attachment for the full list.



This covers the period 7 March to 29 May. There are manoeuvres during this period (see the JSOC website for the times, and the GI Burgess requests will be executed during this segment, WEC and FGM will operate during the manoeuvres on 9 March (C3, C4 is on as normal because there is no manoeuvre on C4), 17 March (C1), 25 March (C3, C4). There is a Moon eclipse on 19 April for all SC, C2 remains on but the TX is off so there can be no WBD operations. There has been a small delay in the deadlines. There are some BM2 sessions on single satellites and on all four satellites, see the detailed page for the segment.

MSP 31

MSP 31.0: The Bryant plot for the template is on JSOCweb

There will be a long eclipse instrument OFF period in August, so there will be two 5-orbit planning periods. Details of the eclipse OFF periods are on the JSOC website. There will be manoeuvres during May and June, and the details are on the MSP webpage. There is a penumbral Moon eclipse on C2 on 26 June 2014.



This covers the period 30 May to 8 August, so it includes the manoeuvres but not the long eclipse season. See the dedicated page for details of the final version of MSP31.1.



This covers the period 8 August to 29 November 2014, and it includes the long eclipse season with an OFF period for all instruments. There are manoeuvres in October and November, and including them has meant that MSP31.2 has been updated (8 Aug 2014). See the dedicated page and the jsoc website for more details.

UPDATE: BM1 on 20 November was on all 4 SC, but this conflicts with manoeuvre on C2, so the BM1 will be on C1, C3, C4 only.

MSP 30

MSP 30.0: The Bryant plot for the template is on JSOCweb

There will be eclipses and manoeuvres during MSP 30.

MSP 30.3 and 30.4 have been combined.


Single SC operations - see the blog about MSP30.1 released (on 4 Oct 2013)

PDFs of the single SC BM1 times and D0 (no-data-taking) times are available (see the attachments)


There are eclipses during this period (see the attachments for details), and a moon eclipse on 1 March.

There are manoeuvres in January 2014 and one in February.

(See the JSOC web page for details of manoeuvres and eclipse OFF times,

MSP30.2 has been prepared and is available on the JSOC web page. There are many single SC requests as well as four SC BM1 sessions.

The single SC BM1/BM2 requests in MSP30.2 are given as an attachment on the wiki, as are the D0 (no-data-taking) periods on C1, C2, C3.

The Bryant plots for the draft MSP30.2 are given as attachments here, and are available on the JSOC MSP web page.

The Bryant plot templates and drafts for January and February are attached.

MSP 30.3 and 30.4

MSP 30.3 and 30.4

The two segments have been combined, and will now be known as MSP 30.3. The template Bryant plots are attached to the dedicated page, and there are more details there too. The draft MSP30.3 is available for review (see the dedicated page on the wiki for the attachments), deadline for comments Noon GMT on 20 January.

Following the SOWG (4-5 March 2014), the data fill has been restored to 115% which means some D0 periods have been deleted. (see MSP 30.3 and 30.4 dedicated area for details)

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